Aya Abe


Born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1954. Lives in Mitaka City, outskirts of Tokyo, with her husband who is a teacher of Fine Arts .
Aya learned modern dance from her age of 4 to 14 and enjoys dancing since then.

Academic / Teaching Background

1997 to present
     Has been teaching Japanese-style painting, organizing private as well as group lessons.
1982-83 Teacher of fine arts at Takehaya Elementary School  [Attached to Tokyo Gakugei University]
1981-82 Teacher of fine arts at Minato ward Takamatsu junior high school.
1980 Received Master of Education in Fine Arts at Tokyo Gakugei University [University of Liberal Arts in Tokyo]
1978 Received B.A. at Tokyo Gakugei University
1975-88 Studied Japanese-style paintings under Mr. Ryouzou Takeda, who was a Kaiyu, an associatemember, of the Japan Fine Arts Exhibition.
1971-72 Stayed in Ithaca, New York, with her family, went to Ithaca High School.

□ Selected Solo Exhibitions

2017Gallery Regaro,Ogikubo,Tokyo
        “Jardin de Fleurs - Aya Abe”by DRIMART Paris, Agence BNP PARISBAS,Paris,France
2016 Gallery NATSUKA,Kyobashi,Tokyo
2015 Tamashin Gallery,Tachikawa,Tokyo
2014 Gallery NATSUKA,Kyobashi,Tokyo
2013 Espace Culturel Bertin Poiree,Paris,France
        Gallery Regaro,Ogikubo,Tokyo
2012 Gallery NATSUKA,Kyobashi,Tokyo
2011 OuchiGallery,Brooklyn,N.Y. U.S.A.
        Gallery NATSUKA,Ginza,Tokyo
2010 Gallery Regaro,Ogikubo,Tokyo
2009 Gallery NATSUKA, Ginza, Tokyo
2008 Gallery NATSUKA, Ginza, Tokyo
2007 Gallery Machikado, Kunitachi, Tokyo
2006 Mitaka City Gallery of Art, Mitaka, Tokyo
2004 Café Gallery Soleil, Yamanakako, Yamanashi
1999 Ginza Gallery Nakazawa, Ginza, Tokyo ('96)
1994 Gallery Nagaoka Daiwa, Nagaoka, Niigata ('91)
1993 Gallery Ginza Takagen, Ginza, Tokyo

□ Selected Duo Exhibitions

2007 (~2013 )Café Gallery Soleil, Yamanakako, Yamanashi
2004 Ginza Stage21 Gallery
2002 Ginza Gallery Nakazawa

□ Selected Group Exhibitions

 2017 "The6th MANY Exhibition" GalleryYUME annex,Mitaka, Tokyo
 2016 "Art Viewing OME 2016" Ome city museum of art,Ome,Tokyo
     "OASIS 21",TWIN21 OBP, Osaka
 2015 “X FLORENCE BIENNALE” Fortezza da Basso,Florence ITALY
          “Sesshu Art Award 2015”,Tokyo Metropolitan Museum, Tokyo
                                                                                 [Special Jury Award]
          “Oku-hatsu 04”Kitai Garou, Oku, Tokyo
          “ARTEC 2015”Sall des Fete -Place de la Mairie-, Chouzy-sur-Cisse, France
          “Monthly Group Exhibition” Fugetsushagarou, M50, Shanghai, CHINA
          “ARTEC Japan Tour 2015 in ITOSHIMA”, Torre Dos Cielos, Itoshima, Fukuoka
          “Mitaka Artists Network Exhibition V” (Under the auspices of the city government)
              Mitaka City Gallery of Art, Mitaka, Tokyo (also held in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013)
          ” Promenade des arts Paris-Nagoya”,Kajita Museum, Nagoya
          ” Promenade des arts Paris-Setouti”,HA-Art Museum, Takamatsu
          “Group of Loire”,Tamashin Gallery,Tachikawa, Tokyo

2014 “what is art?” by ARTEC,Moscow,Russia
           "SAI・EN in Tokyo"Gallery Regaro,Tokyo
            Artexpo New York,NewYork,U.S.A.

2013 "SAI ・EN "  Menier Gallery  London,U.K.
        "Tokyo Ten" Tokyo Metropolitan Art  Museum,Ueno,Tokyo
2012 "The4th 100Artist Exhibition " Ouchi Gallery,Brooklyn,N.Y. U.S.A.
        "Emerging Cntemporary Artists of Japan 2012"   2/20Gallery   Chelsea,N.Y.
        "The6th100Artist Exhibition" Sala dei Templari, Molfetta,ITALY
        "Tokyo Ten"Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum,Ueno,Tokyo
2011 "Tokyo Ten"GalleryKubota,Kyoubashi,Tokyo(2010)
        "The3rd 100 Artists Exhibition"OuchiGallery,Brooklyn,N.Y. U.S.A.
        "Mitaka Artists Network Exhibition III"(Under the auspices of the city
           government)  Mitaka City Gallery of Art, Mitaka, Tokyo
2010 "The9th Selected Artists Exhibition"Garou Rutan,Ginza,Tokyo
     "Area Plants"Gallery NATSUKA,GInza,Tokyo
2009 "Mitaka Artists Network Exhibition II" (Under the auspices of the city
            government)  Mitaka City Gallery of Art, Mitaka, Tokyo
        "Tokyo Ten" Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Ueno, Tokyo (yeary since 2004,
                 *Received the Second Award in 2004.)
        "Tama Contemporary Artists’ Small Works" Gallery Machikado, Kunitachi,Tokyo
                   (yeary  since  2004)
        "From Mitaka to The World" Gallery Yume, Mitaka, Tokyo(yeary since 2005)
        "Dharma doll exhibition" Gallery Atelier Worth, Ohme, Tokyo
2008 "Mitaka Artists Network Exhibition" (Under the auspices of the city
            government)  Mitaka City Gallery of Art, Mitaka, Tokyo
        "Dharma doll exhibition" Gallery Atelier Worth, Ohme, Tokyo
2007 "Reunion" Seika &Key Gallery, Kyoubashi, Tokyo
        "Spring Exhibition. by Tokyo Ten Member" Chikyudoh Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2004 "Musashino City Grand Prix Exhibition" Musashino, Tokyo
2002 "Tama Sougou [General] Exhibition" Tachikawa, Tokyo
             [*Received Kasaku 〈Distinguished) Award. in 1991] ('96, '94, '91)
1990 "Musashino City Festival Exhibition" Musashino, Tokyo

□ Art Projects Tama Artist & Citizen Network [TAC]

2012 "Itsutsu no jikan"TAMASHIN Gallery,Tachikawa,Tokyo
2011 "Art in Hamura XI" Yutorogi Museum, Hamura, Tokyo (yeary since 2002)
2009 "School Gallery" Shorin Elementary School, Hamura, Tokyo
2008 "Art in Hamura VIII" Yutorogi Museum, Hamura, Tokyo
        "School Gallery" Musashino Third Elementary School, Musashino, Tokyo
2007 "Approach IV" Fuchu Art Museum, Fuchu, Tokyo
        Commission Display, Yutorogi Museum, Hamura, Tokyo
2006 "Approach III" Kunitachi Art Hall, Kunitachi, Tokyo
2005 "Approach II" Fuchu Art Museum, Fuchu, Tokyo
2003 "School Gallery"  Shourin Elementary School, Hamura, Tokyo
2002 "Approach" Fuchu Art Museum, Fuchu, Tokyo
2000 "An Autumn Color" Tama Shinrin Kagakuen, Takao, Tokyo
        "Touch and Spread Art" Mitaka City Arts Center, Mitaka, Tokyo